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Pedro Assumpção


Day of Birth: May, 8
Birthplace: São José dos Campos - São Paulo

Status: Single

Former Bands: Khallice

Height: 5,97ft (1,82m)

Weight: 253,5lb (115kg)



Band: Metallica

Album: Black Album

Song: The Sixth Station - Joe Hisaishi; Lines in the Sand - Dream Theater, Battery - Metallica, This is the Life - Living Colour

Male Artist: Michael Jackson, Lars Ulrich, Mike Portnoy, Gavin Harrison, Jeff Campitelli, Uli Kusch, Jason Rullo, Mike Terrana, Mike Mangini, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Nobuo Uematsu, John Williams, Yasunori Mitsuda, Joe Hisaishi

Female Tori Amos, Marisa Monte

Dying Kingdom’ song: Solitude

Album cover: Better Than Raw - Helloween

Food: Japanese

Book: 1984

Movie: Memento

Game: Final Fantasy series

Tv Show: South Park

Sport: Basketball

Hobbies: Videogames and reading

Historical Figure: Charles Darwin

Quote: "Mythology says that the gods envy our mortality. Our mortality is what makes life precious and something to be savored. Driven by the pressure of time to achieve greatness, it may be our mortality that gives us our humanity. But as long as we are mortal, we will never stop dreaming of life everlasting. That too is what makes us human." - Through the wormhole – Can we live forever?

Season: Fall

Website: Youtube





Musical influences: Adrenaline Mob, Aerosmith, Angra, Annihilator, Anthrax, Avenged Sevenfold, Blackfield, Blind Guardian, City and Colour, Dave Matthews Band, Dirty Loops, Dream Theater, Eric Johnson, Faith No More, Fleet Foxes, Foo Fighters, Freak Kitchen, Guns n’ Roses, Helloween, Iron and Wine, Iron Maiden, Jeff Buckley, Joe Satriani, Liquid Tension Experiment, Living Colour, Masterplan, Megadeth, Metallica, Michael Jackson, Mr. Big, MUSE, Nightwish, Oasis, Ozzy Osbourne, Pain of Salvation, Pantera, Pink Cream 69, Porcupine Tree, Queen, RAGE, Steve Vai, Steven Wilson, Symphony X, The Winery Dogs, Tori Amos, TOTO, Transatlantic, Van Halen, Zakk Wylde

Started playing at age: 14

First concert ever seen: Metallica - Garage Inc. Tour - Rio de Janeiro, 1999

Best concert ever seen: Dream Theater - Rio de Janeiro, 2008

Most challenging song to play live: Last Day on Earth - Dying Kingdom
Academic degree: Bachelor in Biology (UNB)

Occupation if not a musician: Biology teacher

Changing life people: Carl Sagan

Best advice received: Seize the day

Weird habit: Lying or sitting on the floor, basically anywhere

What band/artist concert would you like to see the most? Porcupine Tree

Day or night? Day

When/Where would you go in a time machine?The Big Bang

What is your favorite part of the process when recording an album? Mixing

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