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Day of Birth: August, 11
Birthplace: Montpellier - France

Status: Married

Former Bands: Dark Avenger / Vougan (active)

Height: 5,74 ft (175cm)

Weight: 185,2 lb



Band: Dream Theater

Album: Burn The Sun

Song: Caught in a web

Male Artist: Lenny  Kravitz

Female: Tina Turner 

Dying Kingdom’ song: Until the End

Album cover: Black Album

Food: Brazilian is the best

Book: The universe in a nutshell

Movie: Alien

Game: FullThrottle

Tv Show: Simpsons

Sport: Gym

Hobbies: Movies at home with wine and popcorn

Historical Figure: Charlie Chaplin

Quote: "you are what do you do"

Season: Winter

Website: NONE




Musical influences: Rock in general, Jazz, Brasilian's styles and Fusion.

Started playing at age: 14 (acoustic guitar) / 17 (bass)

First concert ever seen: Deep Purple Brasília/DF - Brazil (1997)

Best concert ever seen: Kiss Brasília/DF - Brasil (2015)

Most challenging song to play live: Metropollis Pt. I

Academic degree: Computer Engineering (UniCEUB) / Eletric Bass (CEPEMB)

Occupation if not a musician: Software Engineer

Changing life people: My Father

Best advice received: Don't worry, be happy!

Weird habit: Talk alone

What band/artist concert would you like to see the most? Mr. Big if possible

Day or night? All day long

When/Where would you go in a time machine? To future, if there is one there

What is your favorite part of the process when recording an album? I get involved in all the process

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